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80 Bay Street Landing

Facade Repairs & Roof Replacement

Scope of Work

Located on the Upper New York Bay, just steps along the promenade from the Saint Georges Ferry Terminal and the National Lighthouse Museum, 80 Bay Street Landing is  concrete industrial building converted into a 100 unit condominium, many with exterior space with stunning views across the bay of Manhattan and the Verrizano-Narrows. 

When ARC first became involved with Bayview Towers Condominium, the building had a decade long backlog of exterior maintenance and leak issues.  Exterior maintenance  was further delayed after the building was heavily damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy.

ARC was asked to address deterioration of the concrete facade, deterioration of the balconies and terraces and leaks affecting approximately 20% of the apartment units.  ARC oversaw a campaign of repairs, that included installing a fully reinforced liquid applied waterproof coating on the balconies and terraces, extensive concrete repairs, window sealant replacement and installation of a elastomeric coating on the building exterior.  

Before the project was fully mobilized a balcony ceiling collapsed.  All exterior ceilings were probed, and deteriorated structure affecting 4,400 square feet of ceiling identified as needing replacement.  Additional work, including additional waterproofing and metal cladding replacement, was added to the project as new leaks were identified.



80 Bay Street Landing, Staten Island


Bayview Towers Condominium


Titan Construction Services, Inc.

Property Manager

Island Condo Management Corp.

Facade Repairs & Roof Replacement

Project Size

118,000 sf

Construction Cost


Concrete Repairs

Coping Replacement

Elastomeric Coatings

Roof Replacement

Terrace & Balcony Waterproofing

Window Sealants 

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