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The Narragansett Hotel

Facade Restoration

Scope of Work

The Narragansett Hotel, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is a 100-unit SRO operated as permanent, supportive housing for medically fragile and special populations by the not-for-profit organization Housing & Services, Inc (HSI).  

In 2007 we were engaged by HSI to prepare a façade evaluation report and oversee the subsequent waterproofing and exterior repairs component of a $7.1m renovation project funded by NYC Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).  

In 2017, ten years after the initial report, ARC undertook a second façade evaluation and oversaw all the repairs required to maintain the property in a safe condition, as required by local building code.

Restoration work included repair of individual decorative terra cotta and stone units; extensive repair to fire escape metal outriggers; lead abatement; brick restoration; replacement of marble and steel lintels; replacement of windows; and masonry cleaning.  

The appearance of the building was dramatically improved by cleaning the building’s main façade.  The natural colors of decorative limestone, terra cotta and brick had been dulled by over 100 years of atmospheric pollution, giving the building a somber appearance.  

The terra cotta on the upper floors of the building had been blackened by the accumulation of carbon soot.  The build-up also hid the decorative dark and light configuration of the façade’s beautiful Flemish bond pattern. 

At the lower levels the decorative stonework was stained brown.  Mock-ups utilizing different chemical products and cleaning procedures were performed to identify the best cleaning method appropriate for each type of masonry.  The cleaning revealed the building’s original warm, muted color palette.  



2508 Broadway, New York


Housing & Services, Inc.


Juno Contracting Corp.

Property Manager

Housing & Services, Inc.

Facade Restoration

Project Size

60,000 sf

Construction Cost


Abatement of Fire Escapes

Brick Restoration

Lintel Replacement

Masonry Restoration

Terra Cotta Restoration

Painting of Fire Escapes

Painting of Wood Windows

Pinning Repairs of Brick Arches

Structural Steel Repairs

Window Replacement

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