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The Brandon

New York, NY

Located in the Riverside-West End Historic District, this brick and stone, Colonial Revival style club house was originally built for the The Three of Arts Club to serve women studying music, drama and the fine arts.  The building currently provides transitional housing for formerly homeless women.

During a facade inspection, ARC observed extensive parapet failures, deteriorated lintels and cracked masonry.  The parapet at the main facade was deteriorated from natural weathering and age.  The off-street parapets had failed due to design deficiencies of a 2003 parapet reconstruction campaign. Other deficiencies across the building were largely due to moisture incursion, with many deflected lintels on the off-street facades. 


ARC’s design focused on the most severe deficiencies.  These included restoration of parapets, replacement of window lintels, painting of fire escapes, replacement of window sealants,  and repair of large masonry cracks.  The appearance of the building was greatly improved with the removal of architectural coatings on the street facade’s cornice, keystones and entrance portico which were stripped to bare stone and then treated with a mineral-based coating system.

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